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Our Environmental Team Can Be Found on Land and Sea

Johnson Engineering has expanded our marine capabilities. In addition to our aquatic ecologists with unique experience in seagrass restoration, we now offer a range of marine biological services, including benthic habitat mapping, coral reef monitoring, artificial reef studies, sea turtle expertise, and marine impact assessments.

Our marine experts have provided permit support for a variety of coastal projects including inlet management, beach nourishment and placement of shore protection structures, utilities, dock construction, and ports and marinas. These capabilities allow us to provide a full suite of environmental services to our clients for large projects spanning terrestrial and coastal environments with a “one-stop shop” approach that covers the entire project cycle and streamlines management.



Specific capabilities include:
– Joint Coastal Permit (JCP) and Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) support
– Regulatory agency coordination
– ESA Section 7 consultation
– Essential Fish Habitat assessment and consultation
– Reef fish census
– Estuarine fish capture studies
– Marine habitat mapping and GIS deliverables
– Before-After, Control-Impact (BACI) studies
– Artificial reef design and monitoring for habitat equivalency
– Coral relocation and restoration
– Seagrass impact studies and restoration
– Dune and coastal planting plans
– Mangrove creation/mitigation design
– Water quality monitoring
– Protected species assessments

For more information, contact Jessica Ward at mkt@johnsoneng.com